Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

Customized Approach

Customized Approach

EDT works with mills on a broad assortment of custom applications where revenue enhancement, cost reduction, or operational efficiency is targeted. Enzymes are specific in what they do and how they do it—much like a key that can only open one lock. 

Due to its base technology, EDT’s approach is therefore mill-specific, where EDT conducts a development program for each customer and application. Each development focuses on four primary issues: 

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  • The wastepaper or virgin fiber being treated
  • The mill system
  • The key operating conditions
  • The specific goals desired from the treatment

Even two “sister” mills producing similar products can have material differences in all four product design areas.

EDT begins its development much like a consulting firm—asking lots of questions, reviewing known data, and obtaining new data through analyses of the mill process. This information, together with actual wastepaper or virgin fiber samples, provides the basis for EDT’s product development. 

Application methods at the mill are also tailored to each situation. Being biological catalysts, the application of enzymatic treatments requires thinking outside-the-box in order to maximize benefits. EDT’s many years of experience in mill-based enzyme applications provides a strong foundation to ensure each mill can get the most from its treatment.