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EDT first began commercial development of enzymatic treatments for pulp and paper manufacturing in the mid 1990s. The logic behind this decision was simple. Paper is made of natural, organic materials. Enzymes are highly specific, biologically active compounds found in nature that can be custom fit to perform specific tasks on specific substrate materials. Why not use enzymes to help your mill operate more effectively and profitably with far less energy, cost, and wear and tear on the pulp? 

Our enzyme blends, designed for the specific input furnishes and fibers of individual paper mills, can handle pulp processing more efficiently than traditional industrial treatments. As a result, plants can produce higher grades of pulp and paper or maintain similar qualities at significantly lower costs. These efficiencies translate directly to the bottom line via reduced material costs, increased throughput, lower energy requirements, and less downtime due to process contaminants. Best of all, these benefits happen without requiring extensive changes to existing equipment or processes.