Enzymatic Deinking Technologies
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The EDT Advantage

EDT's innovative enzyme-based technologies help pulp and paper mills increase revenue, reduce energy needs, degrade furnish and fiber type more efficiently, and manage contaminants at significantly lower cost than with traditional industrial chemical treatments.

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The EDT Way

EDT helps pulp and paper mills make more money and differentiate market position through the use of mill-tailored, enzyme-based technologies. Our products can help mills increase revenues, reduce costs, and generate more productive and efficient mill operations. 


Our enzyme blends, designed for the specific input furnishes and fibers of individual paper mills, can handle pulp processing more efficiently than traditional industrial treatments.



Enzymes are easy to introduce into an industrial manufacturing setting such as pulp and paper processing. In many ways, they are the ideal raw material. They accelerate the desired chemical reactions efficiently and effectively within relatively narrow ranges of temperature and pH.