Enzymatic Deinking Technologies
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Enzymatic Deinking

Enzymatic Treatments For Processing Recovered Paper


EDT’s patented enzymatic deinking application for recovered fibers focuses on much more than just dirt spec reductions. EDT customizes an enzyme blend for each mill based on the wastepaper furnish being used, the mill’s deink plant equipment and configuration, the key operating conditions, and the desired goals from the treatment. This biological approach can be thought of as "Nature’s Way of Deinking™". 

Treatment goals cover quality enhancements, cost reduction, operational improvements, and other strategic issues such as energy use or environmental control. Many approaches are iterative, where increases in quality enable cost reductions, yield enhancements, or higher tonnage outputs. 

Most mills already achieve their desired pulp and paper properties—but only by using an expensive blend of wastepaper furnishes. Global demand for wastepaper is up which leads to increased prices and decreased quality of the waste stream. EDT’s Enzynk® treatments have enabled mills to achieve cost-effective furnish degradation which has exceeded US$30/ton.

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