Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

Product/Service Trade Names

Product/Service Trade Names

Enzynk® – Treatments for recovered fibers. Goals focus on dirt reduction, brightness gains, stickies control, throughput gains, yield maximization, energy reduction, and other cost minimizing strategies.

EnzAid® – Parallel treatments used to synergistically support applications in wastepaper fiber or virgin pulp processing.

EnzOx® PC – Treatments for mechanical and other pulps focusing on management of extractives. 

EnzOx® NT – Treatments for mechanical and other pulps focusing on management of extractives and byproducts produced in the pulping process. 

EnzOx® XBB – Treatments for pre or post-bleach plant application to create higher or more consistent brightness, reduce bleach use and improve bleach plant throughput.

MORzyme® – Treatments for processing of recovered fibers to enhance the safe removal of residual mineral oils and other contaminants found in wastepaper that are not desired by end users of the final produced paper.

pRefinase® – Treatments for market pulp production to enhance the cost and output of market pulp as well as the final qualities of pulp used by the final papermaking customer.

Refinase® – Treatments of fiber modification targeted at strength development, drainage enhancement, improved retention, improved refinability, energy reduction, and in the production of more tons of paper per day and higher quality final product. Customized blends are made for a variety of paper grades such as tissue, fine printing & writing, paperboard, packaging, and specialty products.

Repulpase – Treatments for wet strength-containing and highly sized broke to facilitate the defiberization and processing as usable pulp without the safety concerns inherent in current methods.

APC® Test – A patented test enabling the analysis of fiber surface and colloidal extractives that enables the development and application of EnzOx® programs and improved ongoing management of mechanical mill woodyards, wood procurement, and operations. 

SEA® Test – A patent pending test to track fiber surface and colloidal byproducts from the processing of mechanical pulps.