Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

The EDT Way - Overview

The EDT Way

EDT helps pulp and paper mills make more money and differentiate market position through the use of mill-tailored, enzyme-based technologies. Our products can help mills increase revenues, reduce costs, and generate more productive and efficient mill operations. 


EDT’s enzyme-based products operate across both virgin and recycled pulp and paper segments. EDT's products leverage “natural” base technologies which impact the natural raw materials used in the pulp and paper industry. EDT modifies fibers and contaminants and enables mills to better manage how they are processed. Our applications improve deinking/recycling, pitch deposit control, and kraft pulp bio-bleaching, which in turn helps mills reduce fiber or furnish costs, reduce energy, increase throughput, and more. 

EDT's treatments deliver:

  • Higher quality final product obtained while using lower quality/less expensive wastepaper and fiber types 
  • More effective contaminant and cost control for brighter finished products, less damage to fibers, and stronger final sheets 
  • Quicker processing times, reduced bottlenecks, and greater overall plant output
  • Energy savings across key mill stages

EDT follows a 4-step development process to make this happen. 

Mill Analysis and Product Development Process

Understand Mill Situation

•process flow
•conditions and curre
•desired improvements

Analyze Mill Situation

•stock and water analysis
•final product


Develop Mill Treatment & Validate Improvement

•EDT product
•application conditions
•controlled comparative

Conduct Mill-Scale Trial

•mill-scale validation


Suppliers of conventional chemical or other enzymes offer more limited products targeted for what is actually a very specific need. These “one shot” solutions have difficulty matching the operating environment and goals of a specific mill. EDT’s tailored approach to product development, knowledge of mill operations, and breadth of resources provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with unmatched proven results.