Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

Consultative Process

Consultative Process


A Comprehensive, Consultative Implementation Process

EDT concentrates on meeting the needs of the paper mill. EDT has extensive experience in understanding daily mill operations, which is one of the reasons we are able to successfully develop customized products to address each mill’s specific needs. We add to that the technical expertise necessary to effectively integrate these enzyme technologies into plant processes, and it becomes readily apparent to our customers that we are much more than just an enzyme or chemical supplier. We reach beyond the typical simple supplier relationship to provide our customers with the tools they need to realize exceptional returns.

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We begin each engagement with our comprehensive, fact-based development process. The first step is assembling the right EDT team to work with the mill. Key participants from both the mill and EDT evaluate mill processes, document their observations, and determine goals, forming a basis from which to work. This information is then used to analyze the current mill performance and to re-evaluate furnish composition for maximization of mill operations. In some cases the pulp/deink mill is the focus; in other cases it’s the machine. 

Each mill process has its own set of challenges. For example, mills with temperatures 20 degrees apart or application point pHs differing by 2 points cannot use the same treatment. EDT uses these analyses to develop a product specific to each mill. The trials are carefully designed to work as closely as possible to normal operations, with minimal modifications to the existing system. 

It may sound complex, but the EDT process usually runs quite smoothly. We often complete a development program and are ready for full deployment in as little as 2-3 weeks. EDT is more effective because we ask lots of questions, we listen well, and we can act upon what we hear. We consider every aspect of a mill’s operations—fiber sources, equipment and existing chemistries—rather than making the mill’s operations adjust to our offerings. In fact, one of the greatest indicators of success is when our customers change their goals and EDT modifies their treatment to meet the new challenges.