Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

How Enzymes Work

How Enzymes Work

Enzymes are highly specific in what they do, and how and where they do it. An easy way to picture this process is to think of an enzyme and its target substrate as a microscopic, three-dimensional lock and key. The target is the lock. Only the correct enzyme, operating as the key under the correct conditions, can affect the target. If the target substrate is not correct, the temperature is too high or low, or the pH is too basic or acidic, the enzyme will have no effect. 

Enzymes facilitate a wide range of reactions that are essential for living organisms to function. Enzymes help us digest food, replace worn out tissues, and fight infections. Being biocatalytic, only small quantities are needed to generate very large results. 

The Targeted Enzymatic Approach:
Lock and Key Model


Schematic of Enzymatic Attack on Cellulose