Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

Energy Reduction

Energy Reduction


Energy costs are high and will only get higher. For some paper companies, conserving energy and related issues such as carbon-based balances have become key strategic goals. EDT’s enzyme-based technologies are focused on different approaches to reducing energy usage per ton. Furthermore, EDT's base products are produced by fermentation and are not linked to crude oil or high energy costs in our raw material production. 

In deinking, EDT works with mills to pursue many specific energy reduction goals. Applications range from reduced energy in pulping to disperging, refining, and drying. EDT also helps mills increase total output at a high enough quality that average energy costs per ton can be minimized. 

In virgin pulp and paper production, EDT’s Refinase® products help mills reduce energy through fiber modification approaches that provide the needed sheet properties without the energy consumption and fiber damage that would otherwise occur.