Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

Enzyme-Based Technology

Enzyme-Based Technology


Proven results

Enzyme-based technologies may sound too good to be true. They are a safe and effective means to increase mill revenues and decrease net costs. Their benefits are well established at mills around the world across recycled and virgin grades, with each mill having its own unique operating environment. Consider the following results from a long-time EDT customer. 

The use of EDT’s enzyme technology enabled a deinking mill to produce tissue with:

  • A three-point brightness gain due to improved ink detachment and removal.
  • A reduction of US $20 per ton in furnish costs by leveraging improved deinking efficacy.
  • Enhanced ash reduction across washing and flotation, with 40% less ash advancing to the machine.
  • Stickies control that enabled a 5% greater running speed and 6% more tons produced per day in first-quality, final product.
  • Sheet bulk increase of 4% at the same grammage.
  • Tensile strength increases of between 8% and 13% despite the higher running rate.
  • Mill fiber yield increase of 2.7% due to more selective deinking and contaminant removal.

Results like these create values between $22 and $34 per tissue ton simply by using EDT’s enzyme technology as part of the mill's daily operations. 

EDT also delivers exciting results for virgin pulping operations. Contact us to learn more about these real-world results.

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